Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strengthening the Economy Starts at Home

I was reminded of an old but true holiday message this morning when I opened Facebook. Here it is:

It is great to support your local artisans, but buying anywhere and at any store in your area fuels our economy and helps preserve jobs. You and others -- enmasse -- taking up this message will not only preserve jobs, but create jobs if you don't just buy local, but buy American-made!

I took economics in college -- lots of it -- and one thing I know, when politicians talk about government creating jobs, they are blowing smoke! The government in any way, shape or form is generally a hindrance to job creation. The more programs and incentives it promotes, the more it cuts into your disposable income.

We, the people, create jobs by maintaining and increasing demand for goods and services. And a thriving, healthy economy is good news for each of us -- it adds to our job security and along the way more disposable income.

So give yourself and your family, neighbors and friends an early holiday gift -- buy early, buy often, buy local!