Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Holiday at a Time Please!

I really empathized with the FB poster a day or so ago who said -- Sorry my Christmas tree isn't up yet -- I believe in taking one holiday at a time! So true! That is why you won't be seeing any holiday ornaments around til December 1 around my house! As a matter of fact, the Halloween ornaments are still out. But since most of them are pumpkin shaped, I just turn their little jack-o-lantern faces to the wall and pretend they are Thanksgiving pumpkins! Seriously!

That's not to say holidays aren't on the mind in preparation! Been doing jingly junk with girlfriends past couple weeks for the upcoming

And also need to put together a better paint display for that event and finding the time between a blown up computer, leaky plumbing fixes, too many ideas and too little time, Saturday classes!

So forgive me if at home and the shop we aren't quite ready for Christmas! I'm still mulling over the Thanksgiving Day menu and if there will be some new offerings and what we will be serving a few days later at a party for my brother's retirement!

Meanwhile, I still have a couple clocks to adjust to "fall back!" Amazing I'm on time for anything!