Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sharing Some Things I've learned about Chalk Paint!

Lots of little things running through my mind to tell people. So, thought today I'd jot some down for you because it seems I'm getting phone calls and emails every day now of folks just learning about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Number 1: Never totally trust a color chart in a book or on line. Call me and we will discuss colors or come visit me and we will open cans or make sure you see a Hand Painted Color Chart! Why???

The print process and whatever they do with color on the web changes the true color of ASCP! (or probably any other paint for that matter). And sometimes the names can be a bit confusing. To me, Chateau Grey is really green (or is it just me?) and Country Grey is more tan or khaki. All the colors are beautiful, but maybe not quite what you think you are getting if looking at one of Annie's books.

Number 2: If you are planning to paint the next day, make sure the lid is tight and turn it upside down overnight. This will make it easier to make sure the paint is well mixed the next day and save you lots of stirring time! Some of the good stuff sinks to the bottom, so you need to stir it up, no matter how nice and creamy it looks when you open the can!

Number 3: Get this paint to the consistency you want to work with it. Don't be scared to add water. I pour off what I think I will use in a separate container and often add water so I can eliminate brush stroke lines. If you get it too thin, not to worry. Leave it open to the air and it will thicken up again.

Number 4: Think outside the box. I've always been fairly traditionalist in my style of home furnishings and clothes. I like the classics. I feel at ease with that in the business world. But there is this secret Bohemian side of me that loves my ratty jeans and tie dye hoodie (found at the Louisville Slugger Museum). I miss my Flower Power college days, wearing bandanas on my head and big dangly earings. Even my shabby chic pieces are conservative colors. I just saw this gypsy chest of drawers on line in wild combo of colors. I'm thinking about new color combos and experimentation....This should be interesting....

Number 5: Become a follower of my blog, visit Annie Sloan American Tour, check out my Dec 5 blog -- win chances for the gift basket and potential chance at a spot at one of Annie's American Tour workshops!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Chalk Painting! 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour

Photo from Modern Country Style blogspot

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to meet Annie Sloan in person! Already my favorite photos of this designer/inventor/artist of great paint are with her sleeves rolled up, doing what she loves to do -- share her knowledge of color!

I've found that the ease of working with this paint has proven to be an addiction! A few days without paint on my hands and without wearing my "paint clothes" and I am eager to clear the schedule and just paint! Which I did yesterday and ta-da!

This little table had languished at the mall with its original wood finish while other of my little painted tables found new homes! So I gave it the Annie treatment with "Cream" (the color I remember of real farm fresh cream!) and a stencil of ivy using "Versailles". Some distressing and clear and a tad of dark wax. All dressed up and back up for sale at the mall in one day.....but that was not all.

This little gal was also not selling with her dark brown color. Sooo...home she came for a treatment of "Duck Egg" and a touch of silver gilt wax along the edges. Nothing fancy, but oh so pretty. All in one day, PLUS I painted a Christmas present for someone -- but that is a secret!

Hmmm.....there is that curio cabinet calling out to me. Guess I need to roll up my sleeves. Meanwhile, go to my Dec 5 blog for rules to enter the Great Iowa Chalk Paint Giveaway! Love all your entries!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!" What Thoreau might say about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint -- LOL

Okay, taking quite a bit of literary license here, but were he alive today I am thinking Thoreau might just be interested in re-doing some old decor with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The cans themselves say a lot. Simple and to the point!

Here is Annie's own lis about why Chalk Paint is a very special paint!

1. It's the BEST paint for painting furniture by a long way
2. You can use the paint by diluting it with water to make a wash to show the wood grain
3. You can use it as an impasto ( thickly) - leave the lid off to thicken
4. You can use it on any surface, indoors and out!
5. No need to prime or prepare
6. The colours are mixed intelligently and can be adapted and mixed into other colours for your use
7. It's a girls' paint, but boys can use it too.
8. It's flexible so you can be creative and change your mind
9. It allows your walls to breathe so it is perfect for cottage walls
10. Extremely low VOCs so it is good for the environment

And these are my additions:

11. Clean up with water, or soap and water!
12. Even a novice can produce something incredible
13. Dries quickly
14. Can do a major piece in one day -- do you hear me? one day -- Not a week!

So follow my December 5 blog to enter our Giveaway contest. If you can't wait to see if you win, shop Chalk Paint by calling me, visiting the Brass Armadillo in Des Moines or shopping at my website (button on right). Then check out and sign up for your space at the Annie Sloan American Tour in March 2012.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's so Awesome about 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour?

Here's what!

The paint and Annie's own techniques! And that is what you will learn about. Above are just a couple of my clients wonderful pieces of furniture they did with Annie's Chalk Paint! I'm impressed. We are not talking professional decorators here......we are talking about people who just like old furniture and the chance to wield a paint brush and show some creativity!

You can do it too! Learn from the pro -- Annie Sloan who for over 25 years was a well guarded British secret! Annie's Chalk Paint first landed on these shores via Lisa Rickert who was looking for an easier way to restore the woodwork in a great old home after New Orleans was trying to recover from Hurrican Katrina! Lisa somehow discovered Annie Sloan and her paint and imported the paint at some cost just for her makeover project.

Well, the two decided North America needed Chalk Paint. As I understand it, the first retail paint hit the streets in mid 2010. Eighteen months later Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is taking the U.S. and Canada by storm. We have stockists and retailers in 35 states and 3 Canadian provinces. The paint is produced according to Annie's formula here in the U.S.

I can't tell you how much paint we have out there -- but I will tell you that since my inventory first arrived on August 27, 2011, I have re-ordered 3 times!

Scroll down to my December 5 blog and get signed up for our Great Iowa Paint Giveaway. Then get registered for the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour at her closest stop to us -- a suburb of Chicago in March!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa is Coming to Town, But Annie Sloan is Coming to America!

This lady knows paint! She is Annie Sloan and she has revolutionized the process of painting furniture, floors, walls, cabinets! No Stripping! No Priming! Just Paint! Plus she's making the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour just so you can learn more from the inventor of Chalk Paint herself!

Every day you can read more about Annie and her products and our great Paint Giveaway by checking out my blog right here (scroll down for rules to enter the giveaway) and also by clicking and visiting:

Annie Sloan American Tour

To shop locally in Iowa, visit

The Brass Armadillo, Booth 226, Des Moines
JH Design Studio, Laurens IA

Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Annie Sloan American Tour and Iowa Great Chalk Paint Christmas Giveaway

TLC Vintage Collection and JH Design Studio are giving away this sleighful of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products for Christmas! We are celebrating the announcement of the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour!

Follow instructions below to win -- no purchase necessary -- a chance at this gift:

-- 2 cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, two cans of Annie sloan Soft wax (dark and clear), 1 Annie Sloan Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, 2 paint brushes, 2 small wax brushes and 1 handpainted color chart! (sorry the sleigh is just for display purposes!)

AND if you win the above

-- the winner's name will be entered into a drawing for a chance for $350 towards an Annie Sloan American Tour Workshop spot in their area or an equivalent value of Annie Sloan paint products.

Here are several ways to enter the contest, whether you buy our paint or not! Do them all for multiple chances that I will put in our fishbowl!

1) Become a follower of this website like my other followers on the right -- just hit the enroll button and follow the instructions and leave me a comment! Help me reach 200! Ambitious I know, but I want to be followed!!!

2) "Like" the TLC Vintage Collection Facebook page and leave me a comment

3) Become a follower of Annie Sloan's Blogspot and report back to me by email at what her most recent blog was about. Go to

4) Go to and report to me at which Annie Sloan 2012 American Tour stop is closest to you. Even better, sign up for the workshop while you are there and tell me you did!

5) Visit our new retail location in Laurens, Iowa at JH Design Studio. Jan Hersom will help you sign up for our drawing! Visit Jan's website

6) No purchase is required if you do any of the above steps and make sure I know about them. But if you do purchase paint at The Brass Armadillo in Des Moines and you email about the color and day you purchased or from my website, your name will also be entered into the drawing.

So many ways to get your slip into my fishbowl. Check back often and comment on my blog and we will have a new blog daily til Christmas! Our drawing will conclude at midnight December 23, 2011