Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Very Best Must Haves For Your Workbench

Every DIYer goes to reach for the right tool, product or thingee mid-project and -- oops! It's not there. So off to the store for that last minute thing to get the job done. By the time the return trip has been made, time is lost and there's a distraction. Next thing you know, you have been interrupted mid-stride, not to return to the project for hours, days or weeks!

Been there....done that!

That's why it's good to have some go-to items on your workbench for those moments we all have. Here is my top ten list of things I cannot live without, ready and at hand after more than five years of daily experience. These are the things we regularly ask each other in our workshop, "Have you seen the ......" (fill in the blank!)  Usually someone just used it and not put it back yet in its -- ahem -- assigned spot.

1) A Dremel with interchangeable tools for sawing and sanding. Why I like it? Small, nice tool box to keep everything organized, electric, versatile.

2. Any good brand of screwdrivers in a variety of heads and sizes. Why I like it? Some come with a holder you can fix to the wall or bench for easy storage.

3) An electric staple gun. Why I like it? Easier on your hands than manual ones. Great for simple upholstery jobs, adhering foam board to backs of frames and more!

4)  Natural hemp oil. I use Miss Mustard Seed's. Why I like it? Great to refresh old wood, great resistor for paint when you want a chippy or worn look, refreshes dull metal finishes. Can also be used as a finish over wood or porous paints.

5) Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Why I like it? Goes over almost any surface with no stripping, priming and in most cases sanding. Versatile and no VOC's. Neutral odor.

6) Wood Icing Textura Paste. Why I like it? Great filler for cracks, missing veneer. Once dry, just sand it smooth with the original surrounding surface. Takes paint, stain and glaze beautifully. Can use to build up missing trim and corners. Plus great for decorative finishes to add design.

7) Shellac. I prefer Zinsser Bulls Eye Clear Shellac -- liquid, not spray. Why I like it? Thin coats stop bleed through of old tanins and stains. Liquid, not spray, as it is more effective and less costly. A little half pint on the bench at all times. Zinsser brand has a longer shelf life.

8) Saw tooth picture hangers with plastic guides. Why I like it? Easy placement, no smashed fingers as the guides hold the nail in place for hammering.

9) Felt or silicone adhesive pads. Why I like it? You can buy a multi-pack mixture in a variety of sizes and shapes. Great for under decor to stop scratches to table tops, back corners of frames to protect your wall, on feet of chairs and furniture for easy sliding and to stop scratches when moving heavier furniture.

10) Needle nose pliers. Any brand. Why I like it? This is our most reached for pliers. Remove nails, staples and upholstery tacks. Position nails to save your fingers from getting banged. Great for removing the metal base of light bulbs when the glass breaks off -- be sure to unplug the lamp for safety!

There are many more go-to products we love. But these will save you time and headaches just keeping them at hand! Happy DIY-ing!