Saturday, February 1, 2014

Never Too Much Junk!

I love junk! Digging through it, walking through it, picking out the good bits, imagining what you can do with a divine find! It just wasn't a fit for TLC Vintage Collection really. So we have opened a new shop just across the parking from our front door! Introducing you to:

Sweet City Salvage

We have been open for one month now and folks are really enjoying it! Look what we brought in yesterday!

At SCS we have a number of terrific vendors! TLC Vintage of course, but also 2 Crazy Redheads, Sheldahl Crossing, Junk de Jour, Jules and Shuffle Designs! With that group of characters, you will always find something new and interesting has been dropped off for you to discover on your next visit!

I often wonder what is so great about junk? It is definitely the thrill of the hunt. I know, because even when we have plenty of inventory, I still get a yen to go looking. Like today! I need to get ready for the Home & Garden Show that will be 12 hour days Thursday through Sunday of this coming week -- like pack things, finish displays, build a power point! But what do I really want to do? Ummmmm go to the monthly Flea Market at the State Fair Grounds. 

So no matter if the garage and basement are full, there's fresh snow and ice outside, and we are open today, a girl still wants to go junkin'!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Revisiting Toile Fabric on Furniture!

Fabric applied to wood furniture is still one of my favorite concepts. I guess I dreamed it up in the middle of the night a year or two ago. I used toile wallpaper the first time!

Then I tried toile fabric!

And now, we have done a beautiful antique wash stand in Charcoal Toile from Annie Sloan's European Fabric Collection! Don't you love it? We do!

We love your paint #Annie Sloan! and we love your Fabrics too! Check out my earlier tutorial on using fabric or wall paper to face drawers and doors on your furniture paint projects!