Saturday, January 7, 2012


Not sure the colors are done justice in this photo. But must admit I'm having trouble with Dan! Everything I complete, he says "I think we should keep it!" LOL

I added a touch of whimsy which will follow through on the other pieces. Hope you can read each drawer!

If you can't see it. The top two drawers says Hers, the bottom one His.....

We decided it best to complete other chest of drawers and bedstead before taking it to the mall. Onward....

Next up. Wax first piece of project

Limited time yesterday, but here are some photos at point where painting on this piece is finished, except possibly for some touchups, and waxing will occur next. I'm opting for primarily clear wax, but I may use dark in some areas...will decide as I go. That is the beauty of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax. Flexibility to change your mind and make adjustments as the piece "talks" to you! Also on the agenda, getting next piece into the house and prepped!

Don't you love my "paint" shoes reflected in the mirror.

Meanwhile, exec decision by Dan. Do not sell the lamps! He loves this. This from a man who takes little interest in interior design, unless it is Husker red and comfortable! They do look perfect in our living room and my plans to Annie Sloan my interior!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Work in Progress! Really!

I did make progress today -- really! But no photos to show for it because my camera does not take good photos at night. Need a better one (I repeat myself). Anyway, second coat on, did wash of the Coco over the Louis. Tomorrow will wax as we suddenly need to meet friends for dinner. Other chest and bed still untouched in garage. Some days just don't go as planned, right?

Meanwhile, I put some black on some old beautiful standing lamps that I had found terrific shades for at the Rolfe Garage Sale in the fall. So here are these beauties that got listed for $120 for the pair -- unmatched. One has a night light at the bottom. They work! So if you know someone who could use them send them my way! If sold separately, the one with the nightlight is $75 and the other $65. Have a great evening and will be painting like crazy tomorrow!

I've been mezmerized a gorgeouos cotton candy pink and amazing blue sunrise, the color of heaven methinks! But now reality hits and my work in progress looks like this.

We've got Coco on top and trimwork, with Old Violet inside drawers, and Louis Blue on sides of bureau and front of drawers. Need a 2nd coat of the blues yet. Also detail taping and painting on the mirror.

Good news is it is mild again today and I can probably paint the other chest of drawers and the bedstead in the garage! Hoping to get the majority of painting done today. Want to do the wash of Coco over Louis on all pieces at same time so have to get the base on first.

Not sure how far I will get today. 9 am must run to The Brass Armadillo to drop off inventory, pick up check on the way to Fedex to pick up several hundreds of pounds of Old White, Emperor's Silk, Pure White, Graphite, waxes -- because people just keep buying more and more! What a problem to have. No treadmill today! 35 trips up and down steps with cases of paint will suffice....

Have a great Friday! Take a look on the Painted Pony page for pieces available for sale!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coco Loves Louis is the Winner!

7:30 pm -- probably did about 3 1/2 hrs painting today with breaks in between. Made an executive decision (sorry readers, no democracy here) and put "Old Violet" as the color for the drawer linings. Thought it complemented well enough. So achieved -- cleaning the piece, taking off hardward. 2 coats of cocoa where it is primary, 1 coat for inside drawers, clean up paint I kicked over (LOL -- true...alas). Not a bad amount of work for the time invested. I will get first layer of Louis on tomorrow and upload them before I run to Fedex so Old Grey can pick up new supplies of Old White, Pure White, Graphite, Emperors Silk, Duck Egg -- our most popular colors!

Getting a late start on this as some insurance clients needed assistance. But the winner is:

The piece above is the creation of Michelle Delgado, owner of Wonderfaux Studio in Houston, Tx. Isn't it great that the Annie Sloan stockists and retailers share their work so we can all be inspired to create something that we already know the paint combo works well! It gives me confidence in undertaking a big piece! Now I am wondering what color to put inside the drawers! HMMMMMM.....Stay tuned for more photos as we progress.

Unveiling the Project!

Had to wait for daylight because the lights in the garage do something funky to my camera....but here we go. Here's what I'm painting!

The bedstead is a queen and is not an exact match to the two chests. But with the paint it will look awsome!
They tell me sets of furniture sell well at the mall and that non-traditional colors are working very well there!

I'll unveil the colors later after lunch! I have a date with the family....

Help Me Choose Colors for the Big Project!

Need help, reader pals! I want you to comment and tell me which color combo you would choose for my next big project which begins this afternoon! Here are the color combos I am considering, then read on for what the project is!

This is a Coco and Louis Blue (with Coco wash over it) done by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist Michelle Delgado. Talented, isn't she? So this is one of the choices. We will call it, as she did: Coco loves Louis!

This is a photo from Annie Sloan's own blog, talking about the origin of her Scandanavian Pink color. This, I believe is Graphite and Scandanavian Pink. Call this one In the Pink!

Last but not least, Kathy Smith -- another stockist with Annie Sloan -- did this bed with Paris Grey under Old White then distressed with water and a scrubby! Very cool, isn't it? Call this one Shabby Chic!

Your job, gentle readers, is to vote by this afternoon on one of the above color combos for a matching bedset that I am tackling! Sorry, no before photo yet, but say it is a 1930s dresser with mirror, separate bureau and a head/footboard set that is not a true match but close enough -- especially once it is painted!

I really need help on this so please tell me what you think would not only be beautiful but sell best. Remember,  this IS a business. So leave a comment and help me out! Thanks!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Ceilings bother me -- a lot. All the ceilings in my house are textured and white -- no matter what the walls are. No trays, no molding -- nothing. Blah. With this challenge I have set to redo the house with all Annie Sloan products, it is really on my mind. Then I found this today:

Now there is some ceiling! It really lowers the ceiling -- and that is not my intent. I have nice 9 foot height on ground floor and 8 foot upstairs. So most likely the ceiling will be the same or a lighter shade of my wall covering.

Because I have that textured ceiling, I have thought of dry rollering the whole thing lightly so that the indented part stays white and the outie parts pick up the color. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I do really love the color combos of these walls, ceilings, woodwork. But maybe that pattern should have been on a floor cloth instead!