Thursday, January 5, 2012

Help Me Choose Colors for the Big Project!

Need help, reader pals! I want you to comment and tell me which color combo you would choose for my next big project which begins this afternoon! Here are the color combos I am considering, then read on for what the project is!

This is a Coco and Louis Blue (with Coco wash over it) done by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist Michelle Delgado. Talented, isn't she? So this is one of the choices. We will call it, as she did: Coco loves Louis!

This is a photo from Annie Sloan's own blog, talking about the origin of her Scandanavian Pink color. This, I believe is Graphite and Scandanavian Pink. Call this one In the Pink!

Last but not least, Kathy Smith -- another stockist with Annie Sloan -- did this bed with Paris Grey under Old White then distressed with water and a scrubby! Very cool, isn't it? Call this one Shabby Chic!

Your job, gentle readers, is to vote by this afternoon on one of the above color combos for a matching bedset that I am tackling! Sorry, no before photo yet, but say it is a 1930s dresser with mirror, separate bureau and a head/footboard set that is not a true match but close enough -- especially once it is painted!

I really need help on this so please tell me what you think would not only be beautiful but sell best. Remember,  this IS a business. So leave a comment and help me out! Thanks!


  1. Im going to go with coco and Louis.... only because I contemplated also buying coco!

  2. Not too late to get it into the shipment!

  3. Hmmmmmm......I really love the Graphite and Scandi pink. However it might be too much for a whole bedroom I vote for the Coco and Louis mix.

    Janet xox

  4. Coco and Louis Blue - love it!

  5. i like the coco and louis together. can't wait to see what you do!

  6. I like in the pink, except I don't like the pink - so maybe that darker color with red or orange, or even a buttery yellow would be neat.

  7. I love the Louis Blue Coco! But, if you are going to sell I might go with the gray white b/c it seems neutral sells. I'm going through the same thing right now with a piece and I think b/c of your blog I just decided to to the grey with the white and the wash back!!! Good luck deciding! I know how hard it is!!! So glad we can inspire and help eachother out!!