Thursday, October 13, 2016

Roadside Find to Romantic Timeless Lighting

When my 2009 Ford Ranger rolls out in the morning, it seems to have its own navigation system. For some reason, Old Grey takes a turn at every garage sale sign peppering the streets on the way to the shop. That's what happened two weeks ago, when having drifted by a garage sale (not of interest, only kids clothing), Old Grey rounded a corner to head to the shop. There on the curb was the rubble of a rehab job -- lots of broken dry wall, bits and pieces of wood and on the far side a cardboard box with the top of a light fixture poking out the top. Old Grey immediately braked, allowing me to hop out and inspect. And there it was -- one of those "can-I-be-this-lucky" moments. And yes, it was!

Feeling downright guilty, I put the box in the truck bed and off I went to the store. Closer inspection showed a Greek yoghurt container full of original crystals!

And the best part, when I tested the lighting, all six light armatures worked! Can't get better than that! So I did a quick light brushing of Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I dry brushed over the textured parts so the brass showed through.

I suspended the chandelier over my work bench, and used 28 gauge brass wire to string faux pearls from various points. Next I cleaned and rehung the crystals, replacing a few missing ones from my crystal stash and drilling holes in the brass to add a few where none hung before.

I also dug into my supply of vintage watch faces in two sizes to add to the Timeless theme. Six were hung from the lowest pearl strands.

The final touch on this piece will be to make a ruched sleeve of lace to cloth the wire and chain. I love working on these old chandeliers and giving them a fresh yet vintage look. And we find this one, ultimately Timeless.