Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ode to Junk Mates

There's nothing like having some Junk Mates! A new circle of friends has formed through Junk. My customers Mary Lou and Cheryl and I started doing a weekly junk re-creation night a little over a month ago, prepping for Junk Jubilee Jingles.

We did some cool stuff and it sold well! My junk sales alone covered the cost of our booth. Of course, the bulk of our activity centered on Chalk Paint(TM) decorative paint and related products of Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. My Junk Mates weren't used to having to correct the misconception that Chalk Paint(TM) was chalkboard paint! How many times did we have to explain? Lots!
It was so crazy getting packed up to go to the event that I left some cool stuff behind at the shop that I had meant to take, like.....
this. On the other hand, a few very cool things did not sell at all, like.....


But -- never mind, they are still for sale at the shop! Meanwhile, my buddies don't want to stop the junk nights, so we will do them monthly or whenever feel like it. Mary Lou was dumpster diving before Junk was cool. And Cheryl can make me laugh at myself when I get overly serious or critical. My sides still hurt from laughing the night we created the Christmas Scrabble board above!

I have met some wonderful folks at the junk shows. Many are my customers and many are on FB and you should check out their pages, like Stew's, Little Prairie Girl, Junk Revised, Vintique Junction, Sheldahl Crossing, Vintage 35, The Rusty Pumpkin. Then there are my everyday shop customers who popped by the booth to say hi there.

Next up, decorating the shop for Christmas....this should be a great first time adventure!