Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm a feminine table and I choose Antoinette!

Hi there, readers. I am a girlie French Provincial style side table. There are a storage chest and a mirrored dresser that go with me. But for now I am just on my own as Janet's small demo project and here is your challenge!

I am feminine and I choose pink! And the most beautiful pink paint around is coming onto the American market in March -- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint "Antoinette!" So I and my matching furniture pals will be dressing up in Antoinette so all our scratches, mars and flaws are disguised from our suitors!

Question for you, what should be my contrasting color? We will also distress through to some of this old gold paint that is on me now -- won't that be cool?

So here are your choices (sorry, swatches here are not too accurate -- but you ASCP fans know your color chart!)

Paris Grey
Old White

Let me know you answers today by posting a comment or commenting on FB or an email to Thanks!

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Perfect Pink, Support for The Cure, Terrific Workshop!

Love! Pink, Support for the Cure, Chalk Paint Workshop -- This is all terrific news!

Antoinette -- a romantic pink with a touch of brown -- is being introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint customers in March! A few cans arrive this morning in Iowa -- not for sale -- but for me to play with and produce some sample furniture with it! These will first be seen, other than here, in person at the Women in Denim conference, Friday and Saturday, January 27 & 28, at BV College in Storm Lake, IA.

Sign up for the March 24 Annie Sloan -- in person -- workshop in Chicago Ill today. Do you know that 60 pct of registrants so far say they are familiar with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? That means, you, our customers, want more information from the creator of this wonderful paint! In support of breast cancer research, a portion of the Annie Sloan American Tour will be donated to the Cause. So hit the link and sign up today!

Meanwhile, I would like to know whether you would like some Antoinette as soon as it is available for purchase in March. Please email me at with the number of quarts you would like. I will put these on a "wait list" so I know how much to order initially. The price will be the same as the rest of my quarts. I will then contact you when it is available for shipment and arrange payment.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Picking Fever Returns! Old Grey is Back Out in the Cold!

I'm not sure what came over me, but last night I was cruising the Craigs List furniture postings and up popped a couple goodies. A Waterfall bedroom set including knee-hole mirrored vanity, chest of drawers and full bed head and footboard. The price was unbelievable for the condition. I booked them -- see.....

Sorry no pic of the vanity as I had stashed it and the mirror in a tight spot in the garage before I thought to take pictures. I'm thinking that since no one wants full beds anymore that I will have some clever craftsman make that footboard into an extension on either side of the headboard for a queen or king headboard. What do you think? Much more useful.

But the fever had hit me, and the guy also had a mirrored dresser for me! Unreal and I so love this...Who on earth could walk away from it?

Got a problem with a couple mismatched handles there, but I have a fix for that already. So I drive 30 miles to see if I can get all this in the truck and then also find a sweet little washstand type cupboard hiding by the work bench in the garage. Had to have that too.

Well, Larry was a champ and we managed to wedge all of this safely into the back of Old Grey! And the poor thing has no warm garage to sleep in tonight -- the inn is full of furniture! Hmmmm. I am fortunate that I have a kind and patience partner who thinks my battiness on this junking thing kind of entertaining, if not sometimes strenous! At least I unloaded the whole truck before he gets home. Now where do I hide all these paint cans and brushes!?! All this entertainment for me and for under $100!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Items on My Website

I asked you, my readers, during the run up to the Great Iowa Paint Give Away to promote the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour what additional items you would like to see offered for sale on my website:

Well, I was listening and heard you. Take a look at the website for these terrific products to help with your next beautiful project:

Gold Gilding Wax 30 ml $20

Silver Gilding Wax 30 ml $20

Large Waxing Brush returns $34.95
                                                          2" in natural fiber brush length. Tip to tip measures 9.5"

Here's some things to know about these products: The gilding wax is a small container, but "just a little dab will do you!" Wasn't that the slogan of Brylcreem, a men's styling "agent" from the '60s? Well it is true! I have used my little jar for several months to highlight some painted items! Cannot even tell I made a dent in the little jar!

The Deluxe Waxing Brush, though it feels pricey, will save you time immediately and money too! I didn't know this until a client told me, but from my own experience, it is true! A wax brush saves you on the amount of wax you use! I used to use cheese cloth to apply wax, feeling it gave me a better touch and control. Wrong! Now I use one of these brushes and will never go back! Well worth the investment!

Short post, but wanted to let you know I listened!