Friday, June 15, 2012

Florence -- Now 30 colors of Chalk Paint™

A beautiful new Chalk Paintdecorative paints by Annie Sloan color will debut in Iowa next week! We will be introducing our thirtieth color -- Florence!

(photos courtesy of Annie Sloan)

Talk about summer sizzle! This is a can of color to add to your workbench! But here is the really really cool thing about Chalk Paint! The only color with black dye in it is our Graphite color. That means you can combine colors at will to invent your own unique, custom colors! They will be vibrant and wonderful as you can make them. Ever notice that when you have paint mixed at the store, the formula always includes black? As a result you cannot combine two different cans of color without getting something totally different than one would imagine! The black in the two seems to multiply, giving a terrible result.

Not so here....develop your own palette! Just another way Annie Sloan made her paint so dog gone special! Happy painting!