Monday, January 6, 2014

TLC Vintage Collection Newsletter -- Volume 8

Sweet City Salvage – an annex to TLC Vintage Collection is now open. Saturday hours 10 am to 3 pm but you can always get in during weekdays, by stopping at TLC Vintage, facing Sweet City Salvage across the parking lot 10 am to 5 pm! 7450 Hickman Road and 7518 Hickman Road. 700 SF where Rust is Golden. Our vendors include Sheldahl Crossing, Jules, 2 Crazy Redheads, Shuffle Designs, Junque du Jour and more!

January Workshops Available! 
January 8 – This Wednesday 12:30 to 2:30 – Paint Therapy: Frame Rec. See below in Workshop area!
January 11 – This Saturday 9 am to Noon – Chalk Paint® 101
January 18 – Our first Chalk Paint® 201!!!! 9 am to Noon
Color shapers – Solid but flexible silicon type pad – shaped like a brush – on a brush handle. I find it super for putting texture – like Wood Icing or Artisan Enhancement’s Fine Sand over a stencil then pulling it off until the texture is very thin.

Paint-Eze – Awesome flexible plastic bottles in 32 oz, 16 oz and 12 oz.  The largest will hold an entire quart. You fill a bottle from a fresh can of paint, screw on the lid, then the paint can be squirted out from the end with a special silicon nipple that never gets blocked by the drying paint. When empty just refill with same color without cleaning. Or if you want to fill with another color, clean well with soap and water. I would suggest rinsing well with denatured alcohol before refilling to prevent contamination. All my fellow stockists and their customes are raving about the paint saving value of these containers! Just $6 no matter what size and includes two funnels per purchase. Scheduled to arrive in store late this week!

Sanding sponges  – 3M product in medium grit. $5. Scheduled to arrive in store late this week!
Be sure to use lintless cloths to wipe back excess wax. These could be tee shirts that have been washed hundreds of times – but please cut out the underarm spot where antiperspirant residue may remain. Cheese cloth and lintless shop cloths are recommended and available at TLC Vintage for purchase. Do not purchase the tee shirt rags at the store. These are cast offs from the manufacturing industry and have lots of lint which will show up in your finish!
Industrial Lace – I purchased my very first junk jewelry from her. Check out the great look of metal and lace. Plus she is diversifying and using paints from TLC Vintage!
Inspired Finds – Zane, a teen in Boone, started his own junking business over a year ago. He has a great knack for this. Give him a boost on-line with a “like” today!
The Rusty Cat – Des Moines – They visited Sweet City Salvage this week and couldn’t stop buying. They thought our prices were great. You can also find their booths at The Brass Armadillo and Memory Lane Antiques.
Chalk Paint® 101 Plus!
Learn six paint techniques plus clear and dark wax methods! $85 in advance. 4 person minimum. Offered on the following Saturdays:
January 11 – 9 am to noon
February 15 – 9 am to noon
March 1  -- 9 am to noon
Mid-week Paint Therapy
One Wednesday a month fun class. New rehab each month. 12:30-2:30 $25 Bring your own piece!
January 8 – Frame Rec!
February 12  -  Lamp Reform!
March 5  -  The Family Jewels Box
Chalk Paint® 201 All New!
More amazing paint techniques of Annie Sloan!  Crackle, frottage, wet wax distress and more! In advance $85. 4 person minimum.
January 18 – 9 am to noon
February 22 – Canceled due to travel plans. Sorry!
March 8 – 9 am to noon
Studio Time -- by request!
This can be a tutoring session, a time/place for you to bring in and leave a piece of furniture to work on with helpful oversight, or a girls' afternoon or evening out. $20 per hour for individual, and adjusted for groups. Requirement that you purchase and use our materials and supplies for your project. Call to reserve and check availability.