Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to my 4-H Days!

I loved 4-H, and all those years of projects and hauling things to the Pocahontas County Fair has paid off in many ways during my life. But I must admit that it is probably due to Lanore Thumma and Shirley Ludwig up in Laurens, IA who were the Swan Lake Everreadies (don't laugh) leaders, that I can make a pleat, a dart, do hidden stitch and refinish a piece of furniture! I can still repeat the 4-H pledge!

The best change since then is a miraculous paint that allows you to paint over most anything without stripping or priming! How happy I am not to be working with caustic stripper something we were not so fortunate to have 45 years ago. But today I get to combine to of the three different year curriculums we had -- sewing and home furnishings -- in my new life as an artisan!
Thank goodness that Annie Sloan came along and 23 years ago developed this awesome Chalk Paint® decorative paint for me to get involved with and that around ten years ago, a woman named Lisa Rickert discovered it hidden away in England and brought it to us across the big pond.
Best yet, Chalk Paint® is made right here in the Midwest by Davis Paint Company in Kansas City!
Plus it is ever so green and is saving a lot of old stuff from going to the landfill. From old barn wood to shipping pallets to vintage furniture, repurposers, upcyclers and decorators are making homes and offices more interesting by incorporating the past. And that makes me feel, downright patriotic!
So let's keep on "Making the better best and the best better!" What have you repurposed today?© by TLC Vintage Collection!