Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December TLC Vintage Collection -- Volume 7

We know you will be as excited as we are! A full color offering of sample sizes (4 oz) should arrive today, December 3! Thirty-one colors! We are limited to 8 of some and 16 of others at this point. So if you have been waiting on them, hurry on in! We would love to see you, just as we love to see these lining our shelves again! Who knew they would be missed so much! Call or watch FB to be sure they arrived!

What’s the buzz? TLC Vintage is opening a small annex called Sweet City Salvage. We don’t have the keys yet, so cannot say exactly what date, but we are hoping for January sometime. We plan to have three or four vendors in addition to us. It will be better than the hours of occasional shops because of its location directly across the parking from TLC’s front door. So you can visit it any time we are open. Unlike the early to mid century d├ęcor and painted furniture of TLC Vintage, Sweet City Salvage will concentrate on crusty, rusty, dusty things – some repurposed, some not. We hope this is the beginning of something big. Stay tuned. And remember at Sweet City Salvage, Rust is Golden!
Janet’s Facebook Pages Shout-Out!
Reclaimed Treasure on Main – Haverhill, IA
Gigi’s Shabby Cottage – Brass Armadillo, Texas Ave
The Old Blue Chair – Eddyville
Tip of the Month
Did you know there are several ways to distress? No, I’m not talking using metal chains to beat up the furniture – flashback to the 1960-70s method of getting an old battered look to furniture! No, you can make it a lot easier than that. The first method is for when you use just one color of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan over a varnished wood surface. You can wet distress either before or immediately after waxing. It is more controlled if you do it immediately after waxing and removing the excess as normal. Then take a clean, slightly damp sponge, such as a Scotch-Brite, and gently go over the edges or other area with the rough side, then clean off the residue with the sponge side. When dry, rewax to reseal the piece. The second method is the one I really prefer, whether with one or two color paint applications. After waxing, I use 150 grit sandpaper to distress either to the first color or in some areas down to the varnish layer, so I get three dimensions of color. After distressing, rewax again to reseal the piece. Why don’t I wet distress with two color applications? Because the water will activate both colors of paint again and they will bleed into each other creating an entirely different color in those areas where water is applied. Your beautiful Old Ochre over Emperor’s Silk will suddenly become a pink mess! I know, I’ve been there.....Also, I distress the same day I paint and wax. If you wait until the next day the wax will have cured pretty hard and it will take a lot more effort to distress. Believe me! I’ve been there too!
Chalk Paint® 101 Plus!
Learn six paint techniques plus clear and dark wax methods! $85 in advance. 4 person minimum. Offered on the following Saturdays:
December 7 – 9 am to noon -- Just 2 spaces available!
January 11 – 9 am to noon
February 15 – 9 am to noon
March 1  -- 9 am to noon
Mid-week Paint Therapy
One Wednesday a month fun class. New rehab each month. 12:30-2:30 $25 Bring your own piece!
January 8 – Frame Rec!
February 12  -  Lamp Reform!
March 5  -  The Family Jewels Box (jewelry or small boxes)
Chalk Paint® 201 All New!
More amazing paint techniques of Annie Sloan!  Crackle, frottage, wet wax distress and more! In advance $85. 4 person minimum.
January 18 – 9 am to noon
February 22 – 9 am to noon
March 8 – 9 am to noon


OH! By the way, Happy Holidays!!!

Studio Time -- by request!
This can be a tutoring session, a time/place for you to bring in and leave a piece of furniture to work on with helpful oversight, or a girls' afternoon or evening out. $20 per hour for individual, and adjusted for groups. Requirement that you purchase and use our materials and supplies for your project. Call to reserve and check availability.

Cancellation Policy: Payment is required to reserve your place in class. Fees are non-refundable. But if your plans change and you give two weeks’ notice before your class date, you can take the class at a later date that it is offered within six months of original date. Under two weeks, I will try to fill your space and then you can choose another class date when offered. However, if I am unable to fill your space, you will forfeit your fee. Thank you for your understanding of this policy