Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fabulous DIY Do-Over with Wood Icing!

Seems not so long ago that I tucked myself behind a big desk five days a week and worked with insurance clients. Lucky for me that soon after I retired, I discovered that I had a hidden ability and penchant for do it yourself projects. Now it is a passion to take something painfully dated.....

to something absolutely fab!

Now working with different products has become a passion I can explore daily! Lucky me....but you can do it as well. This 1950-60s china hutch was a Salvation Army thrift store find. Solid, well built with interior lighting! My first approach was to use a wash effect on the exterior and music, crackle and gold gilding on the interior.

But not all first ideas work out over time. And while customers loved this Pure White with a Coco wash, no one was buying. But I couldn't part with the interior which was old sheet music wallpapered to the interior, then crackled and washed with gilding wax.

But after a couple years, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to show off a couple products. First, Wood Icing to create raised features on the exterior. Wood Icing is a brand that creates texture paste and glazes. The paste is excellent for repairs, such as filling in holes when you want to move hardware, missing veneer and cracks. We have even rebuilt corners of furniture that were chewed off by pets! It dries with a hard yet sandable texture making it perfect for sculpting, stenciling and more! So we pushed it through some selected stencils, sanded smooth then painted the entire china cabinet with Coco.

Then we used Pewter Metallic Foil by Artisan Enhancements to brighten up the old grill over the glass and the Wood Icing embelishments.

I love the final, formal effect of this piece. And all these products are easy to use and allow easy clean up! Just check out some of our workshops at www.tlcvintagecollection.com for upcoming classes and topics that may pique your interest! If I can DO this, so can you!