Saturday, January 14, 2012

5-piece "Louis Loves Coco" Bedroom Suite to Mall


All five pieces of furniture (well 8 if you count all pieces to that Queen bed!) were lovingly (read stressfully) loaded into Old Grey with lots of blankets yesterday and hauled to The Brass Armadillo! I must say I am married to a saint who worked beside me through thick and thin and (honestly) a few grumpy moments when I was sure something would be destroyed!

People stopped by as we were doing a major re-arrange to accomodate the entire thing and made nice comments like "that won't last here long" and "Oh, no, why wasn't that here last week when I couldn't find anything and went out and bought a $950 new chest of drawers." Seriously, she said that....sigh.

I think they do look lovely. So big week for me at the mall with the little writing desk and chair situated in the shabby chic display at the front of the store. They are expecting it too be a big weekend with a couple exhibitions on elsewhere in the city. Hopefully someone will fall in love with it all!

Next few projects will be a bit smaller and probably for our house -- like painting the high chair and my sewing stand that doubles as a tool bench for me. Thanks for following this epic!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Desk can be Inspiring....

So here she is.....Not too shabby....

How odd is it that I would happen to have a stencil that almost matches the chair back detail! Fun and notice the "drink glass mark" that I "aged into the piece...

Shabby Chic features at The Brass Armadillo -- TLC Vintage can do that!

Learned yesterday that once a month, The Des Moines Brass Armadillo is going to highlight Shabby Chic at the front of the store in a display. This weekends colors are white, plum and black. Well, heck, I can do that!

So distracted once more from completing the bedroom set project while I took on these two cuties! Once again out of the garage horde!

So Old White and Emile were applied first coat or two last night! Hoping they will get featured, otherwise, some more fresh stuff to the mall this week.

The good news is that so much furniture has come out of the garage this week, that I can rearrange and get the truck -- Old Grey -- in for shelter for first time since October! Good thing too, cold snowy weather is predicted starting tonight!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bedroom Set Project Progress!

Recognize this one?

Perhaps not because it used to look like this:

The faded and scarred sides and top are covered! And she matches so well with the bureau. The whimsey regarding the drawers continues with its lopsided hers-his ratio...

 One drawer for His, 4 for hers! Not quite half way through painting the bedstead, but may need to wait another day to get that completed....