Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm a feminine table and I choose Antoinette!

Hi there, readers. I am a girlie French Provincial style side table. There are a storage chest and a mirrored dresser that go with me. But for now I am just on my own as Janet's small demo project and here is your challenge!

I am feminine and I choose pink! And the most beautiful pink paint around is coming onto the American market in March -- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint "Antoinette!" So I and my matching furniture pals will be dressing up in Antoinette so all our scratches, mars and flaws are disguised from our suitors!

Question for you, what should be my contrasting color? We will also distress through to some of this old gold paint that is on me now -- won't that be cool?

So here are your choices (sorry, swatches here are not too accurate -- but you ASCP fans know your color chart!)

Paris Grey
Old White

Let me know you answers today by posting a comment or commenting on FB or an email to Thanks!


  1. I say Paris Grey and a tiny white was of Old White! Love this!

  2. Pink goes best with white IMHO, :)

  3. Just painted a wood tray in Antoinette with Coco trim....I'm in Love!!!!!

    Janet xox