Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Items on My Website

I asked you, my readers, during the run up to the Great Iowa Paint Give Away to promote the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour what additional items you would like to see offered for sale on my website:

Well, I was listening and heard you. Take a look at the website for these terrific products to help with your next beautiful project:

Gold Gilding Wax 30 ml $20

Silver Gilding Wax 30 ml $20

Large Waxing Brush returns $34.95
                                                          2" in natural fiber brush length. Tip to tip measures 9.5"

Here's some things to know about these products: The gilding wax is a small container, but "just a little dab will do you!" Wasn't that the slogan of Brylcreem, a men's styling "agent" from the '60s? Well it is true! I have used my little jar for several months to highlight some painted items! Cannot even tell I made a dent in the little jar!

The Deluxe Waxing Brush, though it feels pricey, will save you time immediately and money too! I didn't know this until a client told me, but from my own experience, it is true! A wax brush saves you on the amount of wax you use! I used to use cheese cloth to apply wax, feeling it gave me a better touch and control. Wrong! Now I use one of these brushes and will never go back! Well worth the investment!

Short post, but wanted to let you know I listened!

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