Monday, January 2, 2012


Ceilings bother me -- a lot. All the ceilings in my house are textured and white -- no matter what the walls are. No trays, no molding -- nothing. Blah. With this challenge I have set to redo the house with all Annie Sloan products, it is really on my mind. Then I found this today:

Now there is some ceiling! It really lowers the ceiling -- and that is not my intent. I have nice 9 foot height on ground floor and 8 foot upstairs. So most likely the ceiling will be the same or a lighter shade of my wall covering.

Because I have that textured ceiling, I have thought of dry rollering the whole thing lightly so that the indented part stays white and the outie parts pick up the color. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I do really love the color combos of these walls, ceilings, woodwork. But maybe that pattern should have been on a floor cloth instead!

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