Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coco Loves Louis is the Winner!

7:30 pm -- probably did about 3 1/2 hrs painting today with breaks in between. Made an executive decision (sorry readers, no democracy here) and put "Old Violet" as the color for the drawer linings. Thought it complemented well enough. So achieved -- cleaning the piece, taking off hardward. 2 coats of cocoa where it is primary, 1 coat for inside drawers, clean up paint I kicked over (LOL -- true...alas). Not a bad amount of work for the time invested. I will get first layer of Louis on tomorrow and upload them before I run to Fedex so Old Grey can pick up new supplies of Old White, Pure White, Graphite, Emperors Silk, Duck Egg -- our most popular colors!

Getting a late start on this as some insurance clients needed assistance. But the winner is:

The piece above is the creation of Michelle Delgado, owner of Wonderfaux Studio in Houston, Tx. Isn't it great that the Annie Sloan stockists and retailers share their work so we can all be inspired to create something that we already know the paint combo works well! It gives me confidence in undertaking a big piece! Now I am wondering what color to put inside the drawers! HMMMMMM.....Stay tuned for more photos as we progress.

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