Friday, January 6, 2012

Work in Progress! Really!

I did make progress today -- really! But no photos to show for it because my camera does not take good photos at night. Need a better one (I repeat myself). Anyway, second coat on, did wash of the Coco over the Louis. Tomorrow will wax as we suddenly need to meet friends for dinner. Other chest and bed still untouched in garage. Some days just don't go as planned, right?

Meanwhile, I put some black on some old beautiful standing lamps that I had found terrific shades for at the Rolfe Garage Sale in the fall. So here are these beauties that got listed for $120 for the pair -- unmatched. One has a night light at the bottom. They work! So if you know someone who could use them send them my way! If sold separately, the one with the nightlight is $75 and the other $65. Have a great evening and will be painting like crazy tomorrow!

I've been mezmerized a gorgeouos cotton candy pink and amazing blue sunrise, the color of heaven methinks! But now reality hits and my work in progress looks like this.

We've got Coco on top and trimwork, with Old Violet inside drawers, and Louis Blue on sides of bureau and front of drawers. Need a 2nd coat of the blues yet. Also detail taping and painting on the mirror.

Good news is it is mild again today and I can probably paint the other chest of drawers and the bedstead in the garage! Hoping to get the majority of painting done today. Want to do the wash of Coco over Louis on all pieces at same time so have to get the base on first.

Not sure how far I will get today. 9 am must run to The Brass Armadillo to drop off inventory, pick up check on the way to Fedex to pick up several hundreds of pounds of Old White, Emperor's Silk, Pure White, Graphite, waxes -- because people just keep buying more and more! What a problem to have. No treadmill today! 35 trips up and down steps with cases of paint will suffice....

Have a great Friday! Take a look on the Painted Pony page for pieces available for sale!

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