Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's so Awesome about 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour?

Here's what!

The paint and Annie's own techniques! And that is what you will learn about. Above are just a couple of my clients wonderful pieces of furniture they did with Annie's Chalk Paint! I'm impressed. We are not talking professional decorators here......we are talking about people who just like old furniture and the chance to wield a paint brush and show some creativity!

You can do it too! Learn from the pro -- Annie Sloan who for over 25 years was a well guarded British secret! Annie's Chalk Paint first landed on these shores via Lisa Rickert who was looking for an easier way to restore the woodwork in a great old home after New Orleans was trying to recover from Hurrican Katrina! Lisa somehow discovered Annie Sloan and her paint and imported the paint at some cost just for her makeover project.

Well, the two decided North America needed Chalk Paint. As I understand it, the first retail paint hit the streets in mid 2010. Eighteen months later Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is taking the U.S. and Canada by storm. We have stockists and retailers in 35 states and 3 Canadian provinces. The paint is produced according to Annie's formula here in the U.S.

I can't tell you how much paint we have out there -- but I will tell you that since my inventory first arrived on August 27, 2011, I have re-ordered 3 times!

Scroll down to my December 5 blog and get signed up for our Great Iowa Paint Giveaway. Then get registered for the 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour at her closest stop to us -- a suburb of Chicago in March!

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