Friday, December 9, 2011

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Chalk Painting! 2012 Annie Sloan American Tour

Photo from Modern Country Style blogspot

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to meet Annie Sloan in person! Already my favorite photos of this designer/inventor/artist of great paint are with her sleeves rolled up, doing what she loves to do -- share her knowledge of color!

I've found that the ease of working with this paint has proven to be an addiction! A few days without paint on my hands and without wearing my "paint clothes" and I am eager to clear the schedule and just paint! Which I did yesterday and ta-da!

This little table had languished at the mall with its original wood finish while other of my little painted tables found new homes! So I gave it the Annie treatment with "Cream" (the color I remember of real farm fresh cream!) and a stencil of ivy using "Versailles". Some distressing and clear and a tad of dark wax. All dressed up and back up for sale at the mall in one day.....but that was not all.

This little gal was also not selling with her dark brown color. Sooo...home she came for a treatment of "Duck Egg" and a touch of silver gilt wax along the edges. Nothing fancy, but oh so pretty. All in one day, PLUS I painted a Christmas present for someone -- but that is a secret!

Hmmm.....there is that curio cabinet calling out to me. Guess I need to roll up my sleeves. Meanwhile, go to my Dec 5 blog for rules to enter the Great Iowa Chalk Paint Giveaway! Love all your entries!

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  1. Love the "little gal"! Need to get to your shop!