Thursday, August 25, 2011

Iowa, Meet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Tomorrow, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint arrives in Iowa in bulk for probably the first time! Destination: TLC Vintage Collection storage, waiting to be sent out to retailers and consumers around the state.

We ARE the Iowa stockist for

I cannot wait to get my hands on this wonderful product that eliminates messy, smelly, noxious, time-consuming stripping and sanding! Put it on virtually any clean, dry surface and follow up with the appropriate wax and you have a fantastic rehabilitated piece of furniture to match your personal or client's style.

Don't you think an application like above would look good on my sweet little corner desk?

When I looked into refinishing this piece and wanted to know the best product to use, I kept seeing on the shabby chic blogger sites how everyone was raving about "chalk paint."  What they were blogging about was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 28 plus colors and an ease of use unsurpassed. I thought to myself, "Gotta have it!"

But I would have had to order from out of state. No stockist in Iowa. So I started talking to Lisa in Louisiana, the North American distributor for Annie Sloan, and even emailed with Annie Sloan in London. I asked them, please, please, please pick me! And they did! They wanted to open up the Iowa market for Annie's wonderful products.

My inventory arrives, yes, tomorrow. So this weekend will find me eagerly and passionately working on the desk above, trying out this great new product. And, between a coat or two, working on my virtual store on the web, so people can easily order from me.

In the meantime, if you want to order, just leave a message in comments with your email address or email me at (temporary til my TLC address is set up) and we can discuss colors and costs! I can bill you through PayPal. Talk to you soon!

Oh, here is one more picture to show you a bit of the technique used. More to come as I transform my desk above.

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