Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where in the World is Janet? Can I drop paint off to you?

I will post here of time if I can when I will be traveling around the area in case you live along my route. That way you could possibly avoid shipping costs if you are able to meet me conveniently while I am traveling through your area. Just email me at or call 515-991-7383

Give me as much lead time as you can so we can work out a meeting spot and so I can pack what you need!

Nov 16, Wed -- traveling from Des Moines to Laurens IA (northwest IA)
Nov 17 Thursday -- all day demo at JH Design Studio, Laurens IA -- Open house -- Please come!
Nov 18 Friday -- Traveling from Laurens to Des Moines
Nov 24 Thursday mid to late afternoon I-80 Des Moines to Lincoln NE
Nov 24 Thursday evening -- Lincoln NE
Nov 25 Friday  11 a.m. -- Nebraska vs Iowa game
Nov 25 evening -- Omaha, NE
Nov 26 morning -- I-80 Omaha to Des Moines route

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how EXCITTED I am that your carrying Annie Sloane Paint at the Brass Armadillo in Des Moines. I have watched FOREVER for someone in Iowa to carry it.

    I'm in Newton (about 35 miles east of DM) and stopped by (ROAD TRIP!!) the other day. Its so wonderful to actually get to SEE the colors and make my Xmas List (wink, wink) while standing at the Annie Shrine. I've tried so many other paints and nothing distresses the way ppl say it will. I can't wait to try it.

    I picked up one of her books from you while I was there and have had my nose stuck in it since!

    I really wish I could come to your day-long class... It is really a good one? It's killing me... where is it at again? How many hours from DM... I wanna COME!

    Thanks so much for everything.
    Linda Van Baale -