Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lookie What I Found! Arthur Court Tray for $2.99!

This is an Arthur Court 12" Square Grape Tray, copyright 1993. It retails on the Silver Gallery website for $49.....Ahem....last week I picked one up -- not knowing what it was but just liked the look and feel of it. What a nice surprise when today I learned my $2.99 Salvation Army tray was a little bit special!

I tend to pick up things because they appeal to me. I hope when my shop opens April 1, that my taste appeals to others. But once again, I am torn -- keep the really good find that I like so much for myself or put it back on the market!

My beautiful Haeger Pottery lady is still lingering at the Brass Armadillo though I have dropped and dropped her price. Look at her in the evening light of our living room. I find her breath taking!

She is so Age of Aquarius to me. I found here dirty and sad sitting on a concrete driveway when a woman was selling things her ex had left at their home! $3.....the only comparable I coud find on line was a Pepto-bismol pink listed at $275!

You don't have to spend a lot satisfying your yen for a treasure hunt. But be careful -- the house can get quite cluttered and eclectic! By the way -- both of these items are for sale. Just give me a call!

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