Friday, March 30, 2012

TLC Vintage will open -- ready or not!

Time has flown this month and found it odd that I had not posted here for over two weeks! But with all the travel and working this week on the shop, I've been just too tuckered out to even think straight!

Here's the front door to the shop! No signage on building yet, but I do have signs (not shown) now in the window that we will be open next week. There is also a temp display in the right window! Started painting one small wall at the back yesterday so the workbench can be lifted into place as it is up on rollers at the moment.

Colby Properties has been great. All the workmen have been so cooperative. One guy stopped by to admire the chandelier, saying his wife wants one. So I said I would locate one for him. Need to get more lighting up today, finish waxing the bench and get a good photo to post. First customer stops by at 10:30 from need to take some paint for sale to the store. Gotta dash!

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