Monday, April 16, 2012

New High or Low? I ask you!

Dumpster diving. New high or low for a junker! I imagine if you are a junker, you'll say I just earned a stripe. If you are my mother, well.....she doesn't get this! Office Dumpster....

I had to stand on tiptoes and reach over -- really didn't dive -- to get my prize....

Took them off a neighbor's discarded broken rolling something for my movable display -- getting ready for...

And some photos from around the shop! Give me a shout if something catches your fancy ..... like this very cool little lace lined orlon-like sweater with rhinestones on sleeve, fur color and bling at the bottom of the sweater! So sweet!

Here are some other cool things!

Vintage Calla Chandelier!

Gorgeous buffet with super pulls and ornamentation. Separate old old mirror! Quick, buy them before I grab a paintbrush!

Yes this blue shaded cherub art deco lamp is too wonderful!

This inlay vanity is almost perfect and has a matching chest of drawers! And what about the mini black chandlier hanging in a birdcage frame!  Come find more surprises in the garden area and the Picker's Paradise!

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  1. Dumpster Diving - the new "extreme couponing"? Can't get better than free! Looks great, I'll have to bring the boys by to see it this weekend.