Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Tale of Two (4) Chairs!

I was on the hunt for two little chairs for twin one-year-olds for their birthday June 21! The chair on the right? The price was right (and its partner!) but, what about pinchy fingers on folding chairs.... So, the first chair -- alla "The Three Bears" was "too" dangerous!

Then I found two little chairs at an antique dealer in my hometown, like the one on the left...It was 'just right' and reminded me of the ones I sat in as a child at the school there. But he insisted they were not from there. But they were so "safe" -- after all I'd sat in ones like them 53 years ago! -- that I bought two!

When I showed them to the client and we flipped them over, guess what? One had the name of my first grade teacher -- Kendall -- on the bottom in marker! Lo and Behold! the other on th bottome said "kdgn" in marker and very faintly in white chalk was the name "Neary"! Hello -- my kindergarden teacher! So..... my client was getting chairs I had very probably sat in more than five decades ago! (My bottom was much smaller then!)

Here is what Annika and Austin will have tomorrow for their first bday!

And an alphabet topped chalk board table to practice their letters on and draw great chalk pictures!

And the ensemble! Don't you just love crazy, odd-ball things that happen in life???

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  1. That is so crazy!! And great job on the table and chairs.