Monday, December 17, 2012

Is One Ever Finished?

     My goodness! Such a lot to do if you own a shop! I always knew it was hard work, after all my maternal grandparents were pharmacists and ran a drug store. They could hardly get away for holidays, and I remember from my Uncle Paul's drug store in Charles City what a lot of inventory there was!

Is one ever done with the decorating, adding fixtures, etc! No! Absolutely not, and the changes are what keep bringing people back! I am nearing completion of the tiny entry way -- after nine months! LOL! So what do I do?

I am buying this wonderful old oak mantel as a fixture for the wall where I can stage so many things as the months go by! A pseudo living room, pseudo dining room, maybe even a romantic bedroom??? I can't wait to pick this up Wednesday evening! It goes so beautifully with the old checkout counter/display case that we have now!
Hmmmm....think I can get both that entry and the big partially finished china cabinet done by then Wednesday night so I can attach this baby to the wall where I want it? Couple dozen things to get done but what fun!


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