Thursday, February 7, 2013

Junker Girlfriends & Life Truths

At TLC Vintage Collection, central Iowa's go-to place for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, there is no longer time for procrastination. Let me explain!

I have two junker girlfriends that I get together with at least once a month for our "fix" on junking. We share some pizza, some laughs and some life truths in the course of a few hours! In between all that we work on projects and try to keep each other from pilfering good little junk bits and pieces from each other! Like that odd shaped key or that sparkley bit off of a Chico belt -- you hear me, Cheryl? LOL

I digress from the true topic -- my procrastination. I looked around my workshop this week and was disheartened. Several pieces of wall decor in half finished states, the bottom of a huge china cabinet that is unfinished so not marketable yet, a curio cabinet that is really about an hour from completion, plus miscellaneous "good ideas and best intentions" spread across my work tables! Sound familiar?

Then there is all those ideas I have for spring that include a lake/seashore cabin decor display and a sun room display (guess who has spring fever???) All need painting.

Then there is the entire floor of the shop, plus a lot of the walls that still need paint and finish! Plus the fireplace that is in want of a hearth and backdrop!

I think you get the picture -- after all these pictures are worth at least a thousand words of my continued procrastination. As I told Cheryl the other night: It is so much more fun to start a project than to finish one! Yep, she said. At the beginning of the project all your imagination is going into it and you are excited and working fast and furious. hit a bump in the road -- execution did not play out the way it looked in your head! OR you come to a part of the task you don't like to do! Ummm, that bottom part of the china cabinet means crouching/lying on the floor with my head inside the cabinet to finish the lower shelves! 

OR you find that perfect piece of furniture with the beautifully turned leg and artful carving and you just HAVE to get started on it! 

Cheryl laughed, saying a good deal of why she likes to get together is that being around me validates her own experience about procrastination! I am NOT alone! She realizes she is not odd or different. Ha! Well maybe we are -- but I would hazard a guess that in this line of work we are not alone! How many half finished projects do you have going?

And she also loved how I kept misplacing things -- my cell phone, my hammer, the gilding wax, cola, my mind........'cuz she does that too!

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