Sunday, June 16, 2013

Who Lives Here Anyway???

Funny thing happened last Tuesday. A group of junking friends were together and one said to me, "I'd love to see all the cool painted stuff at your house." Another one laughed...."There's no cool painted stuff at her house!" Hello!?!?! Why not?

               My Boring Living Room -- Best Feature Picture Window looking out to the woods!

Then, next day a new customer comes into the shop. "Oh, I just love this place. Your house must be amazing!" Dan looked at me; I looked at him and we burst out laughing!

                                  Standard 1999 development area kitchen....yawwwwnnnn!
                                                Most exciting thing is the dated wall color!

So why isn't my house as cool as my shop? The answer is: lack of passion. The shop has been a work of love and totally unfettered self-consciousness. This has happened only once in my home -- when I first moved in, and missing my 12 years in Europe, I decorated my dining room to reflect my Swiss years.

                      Typography and postmarked walls, art from Europe, sleek table and chairs.

It is in a bit of disarray at moment because of a beautiful screen I purchased from the talented Jeanene Dean of Serendipity House and it doesn't quite fit the space. But we are just talking a need to rearrange things.

So now I am on a new mission. Releasing my true self in decorating my home to be as cool as the shop. Truly at the moment, I prefer the look of the shop and love every aspect of it except for the parts where we haven't redone the floors and walls (powder room and workshop transformations yet to come). But I need to have some chandeliers at home and enjoy my new found skills at painting in the kitchen and living room. I've already started scouting cool new pieces to incorporate in our home. I'm looking at things with a new eye! Not what is practical, but that which impassions me. 

The first quick fix was the entrannce to our home. Hello, Aubusson Blue and Pure White! Chalk Paint® decorative paint is going to make this easy! Welcome home, Annie Sloan! Thank you for all the inspiration and release from my humdrum old ways! Stay tuned as we progress! 

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