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Your newsletter from Central Iowa Headquarters for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan -- TLC Vintage Collection in Des Moines!


Always feel free to stop by and see what we are doing. Here are a couple pieces we are working on right now! The large armoire is a custom order and will be Provence with a Graphite wash per their request as it matches highlights in fabrics in their room. The vanity will have peach-colored custom mixed Chalk Paint® in the drawers and a layering of whites on the we will be using Aging Dust!

 And we just finished this little cutie:

Don’t Miss a Spot! If your piece is not too large, flip it upside down and start painting from that position. This is really helpful with chairs with rungs and spindles. It is so easy otherwise to get near completion and discover a spot you missed. 

Less is More! A common mistake we often see in class is what I call “overpainting” on your first coat. I think you will find it easier if you don’t apply too much paint on your first go. My coverage is not totally opaque after that first coat – you can see the hint of the former finish beneath. That is okay because your second coat will glide on and generally totally cover the piece. The exception may be with whites and reds which sometimes require a third coat.


Fresh Style Magazine – Just $8 per issue. In the latest issue there has arrived with the first article and project by the new contributing editor, Annie Sloan!

Awesome! Spritz bottle of degreaser for your kitchen painting projects. Remember to clean all surfaces well before painting because nothing but dust sticks to grease! After degreasing be sure to rinse the surface well to make sure the degreaser is removed as well.

 Metalic Foils – Love to gild things but hate the way metallic leaf flutters around and ends up in the wrong place? Try our foils that we sell by the foot! The leaf is attached to a cellophane that just peels off once your leaf is applied to the surface! Good-bye frustration!

Shannon Martin Line – We know what giggles her cards produce at the checkout stand. So when we ordered more greeting cards we added more magnets, sticky notes, and brought in cocktail napkins and pill boxes. 

Stencils – We can special order stencils for you if we don’t have the perfect one. Placing orders for stencils is a difficult task as there are just so many to choose from. ALSO, we can order a custom stencil for you. Just give us your specifications as to wording, graphic and size and our supplier will make one for you. 

PINTEREST! Never be short on ideas! If you haven’t joined Pinterest, let us know and we will send you an invitation to sign up for free! Inspiration any hour of the day on your favorite crafts and interests!

FACEBOOK! Please check in and leave a message for us on Facebook regularly. If you don’t, TLC Vintage Collection won’t show up on your newsfeed because of how Facebook works. Also we would love for you to give the shop a review and star rating. That also helps us in our rankings and where we show up! Thank you. Our customers are awesome!

YOUR PROJECTS INSPIRE US! Please, please, please send us your before and after photos of projects! We love them and want to make you a star on our Facebook and blog!

Chalk Paint® 101 Plus!
Six starter paint techniques plus clear and dark wax methods! $85 in advance.  Minimum of 4 people.
July 12: 9 am to noon       Aug 9: 9 am to noon
Sep 6: Noon to 3 pm         Oct 4: Noon to 3 pm

Chalk Paint® Jump Start!
All new mini starter class. Just an hour and a half! $50 in advance. Minimum of 4 people.
July 14: 6-7:30 pm               Aug 4: 6:7:30 pm  
Sep 15: 6-7:30 pm               Oct 6: 6-7:30 pm

Chalk Paint® 201 All New!
More amazing paint techniques of Annie Sloan!  Crackle, frottage, wet wax distress and more! In advance $85. Minimum of 4 people.
July 22: 6-9 pm       Sep 6: Noon to 3 pm

Chalk Paint® Your Kitchen Cabinets & Built-Ins! How to renew your dated cabinets at a fraction of the cost without replacing them! $135 in advance. Minimum 3 people.
July 26: Noon to 4 pm         Aug 16: Noon to 4 pm
Oct 25: Noon to 4 pm

Wood Icing
Ice wood like you would ice a cake. Texture paste to add dimension to any surface! No one else is offering this product or class in Iowa!
July 19: 9 am to 4 pm
Sep 13: 9 am to 4 pm

Artisan Enhancements Special Effects!
Crackle, Pearl Plaster, Transfer Gel, Venetian Plaster and easier than ever before gilding! Fun beyond description! 4 person minimum. $140 in advance
Aug 23: Noon to 4 pm         Oct 11: Noon to 4 pm

Stencil & Decoupage
Enhance furniture and décor – even your easy chair with stencils. Learn to add an image to a surface using decoupage. 4 person minimum. $75 in advance.
Aug 11: 6-9 pm      Oct 18: 9 am to noon

Girls Night Out! Wine, Cheese, Paint Therapy!
Put together a group of girlfriends and spend 3 hours in the studio painting! Organize your group. Book it exclusively $360 for your group up to 8 people. You bring the wine, we provide the cheese and paint!
July 8: 6:30-9:30 pm        Aug 19: 6:30-9:30 pm
Sep 23: 6:30-9:30 pm      Oct 14: 6:30-9:30 pm

Class Size & Cancellation Policy: We maintain the right to refund your money or arrange for a different date if we do not have the 3-4 people necessary  to make a class viable. If you are ill or weather prevents travel, you may reschedule to another date within six months of the date you originally scheduled. If your plans change, we need a two-week notice before the class date if you want to be rescheduled. Under two week,s there is no refund but if your spot is filled we will allow you to reschedule, otherwise your fee is forfeited.

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