Friday, April 10, 2015

The Future Princess? The Clue is in the Chalk Paint®!

So it all began last week when Annie Sloan told us about a London newspapers report that three little pots of feminine colored paint had been delivered to the home of Price William and Duchess Kate!

So if the colors Emile, Henrietta and Antoinette were of interest to the Royals, perhaps the soon-to-be born child is a girl? If not, it was very successful in fooling people into believing so! Anyway, it got us thinking about a cute little, yet in a terrible state, French Provincial Dixie chest of drawers purchased a couple weeks ago. It smelled, the white had yellowed and it was full of nicks and scratches. So we set about locking in the odors with a couple coats of shellac all over and everywhere.

Then we used one of our favorite products, Wood Icing, to help fill the gouges, holes and scratches.

Then we thought -- Why not do an ombre finish with the three colors and some silver trim, fit for a princess. We started with Emile at the bottom, then tinted it little by little with Henrietta and then tinted Henrietta gradually with Antoinette! We love it and hope you do to! I'm sure some little American princess will enjoy it!

We kind of like the cat in the birdcage with the bird perched on top!

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