Wednesday, June 1, 2016

TLC Vintage Newsletter: June 2016

What’s New at TLC Vintage?

New Annie Sloan products have rolled out recently. Have you tried them? You will love them. Here’s a rundown!

Black and White Soft Waxes

Yep! In the regular 500 ml can size or 120 ml in either color! You will love them. Check my blog for photos of the hottest one! Black wax over Paris Grey has caused a run on these two products and pieces that we have done! We recommend applying Clear Soft Wax before applying any of the colored waxes.


What the heck is a MixMat? It is a large silicone sheet with doodling by Annie Sloan on one side and information about color mixing on the reverse. Mix your colors when testing out new color combos right on the map! Clean it easily with soap, water and a sponge! This is a great add-on item that is a great help if you have leftover bits of paint and want to create a new color or if you are trying to match a color already in your curtains, sofa or whatever!

Sanding Pads

These should be back in stock late this week or early next! A packet includes three pads of different sanding grits. Perfect for distressing and can be used wet or dry! They wash up easily in your sink or in your washing machine.  Since they are flexible – like a thin sponge – they are ideal for distressing in corners or on spindles. Our first batch sold out within a week… we will put in a large order this time! LOL – you just don’t know in this business what will be the next hot product!

Vintage Charm Necklaces

A new batch arrived last week. Inexpensive gift or just a little present for yourself!

Peep Notes

 Buy local! We do. We have added a local designer’s hand made greeting cards to our current selections. These are adorable and you are bound to find one that suits that spouse, friend or family member. We are asking her to design some special ones just for us! Each card is individually made and no two alike!

Heads Up!

We will be open and having a workshop for our starter class on Saturday July 2! However, we will be closed Sunday July 3 as usual and will also be closed to observe Monday July 4 Independence Day! So if you have visitors in town who want to visit the shop – be sure to come in and see us on the 2nd! Better yet, you and a visitor or friend or family member book two or more places for the July 2 workshop and each get 15 pct off the cost of the workshop. And remember on your workshop day, you enjoy our lowest prices on all paint products. We also offer 15 pct off stencils, décor and furniture as well on class day for those taking our workshop.

Tips of the Month

Clever Ideas I’ve Learned from My Stockist Colleagues, Paint Friends or TLC Experience!
Keep your Brush ready for action! Save your cottage cheese or yoghurt containers and lids (or similar items). When you have to take a break from painting, cut a hole the size of the handle of your brush stem in the lid. Put a small amount – maybe an inch of paint in the container. Push the brush handle through from the bottom side of the lid, then snap it onto the container with the brush tips in the paint. This will keep your brush damp and ready to use when you are done running the kids to lessons or heading out to the grocery store!

Keep your wax or paint brushes in top form! Ever have a brush that a few hairs (or more) get bent out of shape? We do. To fix this, clean your brush well. While still damp, take some paper towel and fold it to about a 2 inch width, wrap it around your brush firmly and secure with a ring of painter’s tape. Hang it to dry and voila! Straight bristles!

Keeping your paint can sealed! No one likes to have leftover paint ruined because it dries out. Best way to keep it fresh is: 1) Never contaminate the paint with water, including bacteria on your brush and 2) Keep the rim of your can clean so the lid fits as tightly as they day your bought it. Use vet syringes to remove paint from can and place in a disposable or washable bowl and paint from there. Now your lid will fit tightly into place – give it a couple taps with a hammer!

Workshop Schedule

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® 101 Plus!
Seven popular paint techniques plus clear and dark wax methods! $85 in advance.  Saturdays Noon to 3 pm. Everything provided plus refreshments.
 Jun 4 (4 spaces available. Call today!)     Jul 2      Aug 6
Sep 10     Oct 1       Nov 5        Dec 3

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® 102 Extra!
Stencil, crackle and decoupage projects! Leave with three items you can use or gift! $85 in advance. Saturdays Noon to 3 pm. Everything provided plus refreshments.
 Jul 23             Oct 15

Chalk Paint® Kitchen Cabinets & Built-Ins! How to renew dated cabinets at a fraction of the cost without replacing them! We help you create your own prototype and style. $85 in advance. Saturdays Noon to 3-4 pm. Everything provided plus refreshments
 Jul 16        Oct 8

Paint Your Own Piece!
Back by popular demand, bring a pre-approved furniture or décor piece that can easily be carried by you. We will help you carry out your ideas! $85 in advance includes paint/wax, brushes used in the workshop. Saturdays Noon to 3 pm
 Jun 11        Sep 17

Wood Icing
Ice wood like you would ice a cake. Texture paste to add dimension to any surface! No one else is offering this product or class in Iowa. Two projects to take home. $85 in advance. Saturdays Noon to 3-4 pm.
 Aug 20            Oct 22

Artisan Enhancements Special Effects!
Make magic happen with special products that will razzle/dazzle. Two to 3 projects to take home. $85 in advance, Satudays Noon to 3-4 pm
 Jun 25            Sep 24

Rust & Patina
Choose a five letter word in advance for us to order the supplies. FAITH is popular. Or initial of family members. Learn five different techniques for iron, bronze and copper finishes. If you want letters other than FAITH,  you must book 2 weeks in advance so we can acquire materials. $85 in advance. Saturdays Noon to 3 pm
Jun 18       Oct 29

Introduction to Milk Paint
A variety of applications for the use of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. Wax distress, layering, staining and more! $85 in advance Saturdays Noon to 3 pm.
Aug 27

Girls Night Out! Wine, Cheese, Paint Therapy!
Put together a group and spend 3 hours in the studio painting! Organize your group. Book it for $360 minimum for your group up to 8 people. Upcharges depending on materials. You bring the wine, we provide the cheese and paint!

Cancellation and No-show Policy: We maintain the right to refund your money or arrange for a different date if we do not have the 3-4 people  to make a class viable. If you are ill or weather prevents travel, you may reschedule to another date within six months. If your plans change, we need a two-week notice before the class date if you want to be rescheduled. Under two week,s there is no refund but if your spot is filled we will allow you to reschedule, otherwise your fee is forfeited.  Check website for schedule changes.

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