Friday, September 2, 2011

Leaving Well Enough Alone

Remember that expression? There are just some things you can't improve on and shouldn't. And other things, well, why not. Here's what I mean. See this sweet doll high chair I picked up this week for $4? Now, how can one improve on this? After all.....

it looks to me like somebody's grandpa or daddy made this for someone special....

and it got tons of lovin'

by some little girl -- or boy! Just leave well enough alone, I can hear my own Grandma say!

But then there are tons of these around....

so why not make it a bit shabby chic modern for a downtown loft? Urban chic?

You just have to figure out when to leave the paint in the can! After all, some things are just

one of a kind! Have a fantastic and safe holiday weekend! Thanks for reading my blog!

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