Monday, December 12, 2011

A Home for TLC Vintage? Your ideas, please.

My basemnt is filled with paint, wax, furniture, glassware and vintage decor. My 3 car garage can hold only one car! Old Grey has to sit out in the cold and shiver! I think my business needs its own home!

This is short and sweet today. But if you had your druthers, what part of town would I have my store to make it accessible and interesting for all my customers? Your ideas please.

Valley Junction -- the old West Des Moines historical area with lots of antique stores?
Beaverdale -- also a cute and charming neighborhood
East Village -- the new and trendy part of the city?
Ingersoll-Grand Avenue corridor?
Sherman Hills?

Of course, while your input is important and will earn you another slip into my fishbowl for the giveaway....lots depends on timing, space and cost.

Here is what we will carry at TLC Vintage when it finds a new home....

All Annie Sloan products -- paint, wax, brushes, fabric, room fragrances, books and more as they roll out!
Painted furniture
Painted decor
Antiques, glassware
Gifts -- most likely by Iowa artists
Also unfinished finds -- called "Treasures in Waiting" so you can pick out a piece of furniture and buy it if you can get to it before I do!

I would hope to contiue with a case of paint and products at the Brass Armadillo since they are open 9-9 7 days a week and so accessible from the freeway.

Send me your ideas!


  1. Janet, I don't know your area but how exciting for you! I can't wait to come and see you and the new store!

    Jeanene Dean

  2. Urbandale or valley junction get my votes. Nice meeting you today!

  3. I'll just say Urbandale since my kids live there, but I would really like to see a "branch" near Spencer! Hope all is well!

  4. I would think Valley Junction would be the best spot. So many places to look for antiques that need to be painted and restored. A great niche for you.