Sunday, December 11, 2011

What more would you like us to carry to go along with your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Hi readers -- Sorry it is so late but a new client had come all the way from Council Bluffs this weekend to talk to me about chalk paint and to place a big order which included a couple dozen samples. Soooooo I was in the kitchen and at the dining table pouring out and labeling samples today!

Then my Mom (yep, she's 91) had bought us a cabinet I had been eyeing at the Brass Armadillo. It is already shabby chic'ed and black and tan and perfect in our entry as it matches the adjoining dining room. This is the beginning of the transformation of our house from 2000 urban subdivision cookie cutter interior to my Annie Sloan Chalk Pait demo house! No kidding! Everything needs re-doing after 12 years -- kitchen cabinets, walls, floors -- so why not a different stye. Stay tuned! But the cabinet is putting me in the mood for the transformation! So we moved a piece of furniture to her apartment and moved our new piece in!

So the topic of the day is what more would you like me to carry to help your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint experience. The Ultimate Wax Brushes sold out in a month and I have re-ordered and should have more this week. Here are some items I could carry -- just leave comments telling me what is important to you!

Metallic tinted wax for highlighting
Metallic foils
Buffing pads
Buffing brushes
Pouring spouts for paint cans
Variety of brushes for paint and wax
Rolls of cheese cloth

and workshops -- do you want me to hold a workshop?

Send me your ideas! Meanwhile sign up for the Annie Sloan tour workshop nearest you. Visit Annie Sloan American Tour. Your ideas are worth another slip in the drawing for my give away -- 2 cans of paint of your choice, 2 waxes, 2 small wax brushes, 2 small paint brushes, a color chart, and one of the two Annie books I carry!


  1. You can't go wrong with pouring spouts and more brushes! How about knobs for the projects!

  2. what is metallic tinted wax? and foils?

  3. Buffing pads and if there are brushes that work better with this kind of paint. I would also like to have color charts available to take home.

    A class would be great!

  4. I vote for Metallics! I love them all!

    Jeanene Dean

  5. All of the above and yes Debra - fun knobs too!

  6. Workshops....Workshops

  7. Pouring spouts and buffing brushes!

  8. pouring spouts and paint sprayers!