Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shhhhhsh. Don't tell my sister I'm blogging her presents today!

Uh-Oh! Not ready for Christmas here!

2 days til our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Give Away! Have you put your name in with me? If not check out yesterday's blog on how to still get some chances in.

Meanwhile, I've been dashing around and not getting everything done. So I am declaring it a Paint Day! I have a special someone who is getting furniture for her Christmas gift. Hopefully she is not reading my blog today. She is expecting the furniture that she already picked out "someday, when you get around to it." Well, why not for Christmas. It's my sister and I love her and since we shared a room for some 14 years or so, I guess it is appropriate she picked bedroom furniture!

She also picked out colors to match some family hand-me-downs errr....heirlooms, Mom's copies of

The Blue Boy and Pinkie. Now here is the things most people don't know. These two paintings were painted by two different painters about 25 years apart AND the costumes are 150 years apart in style! But the two were not linked til a collector purchased both of them around 1920! Yet most of us and the world associate the two because they are such a beautiful match! One critic considers them the "Romeo and Juliet of Rococo portraiture." But I digress....

So today I will take photos as I go and do a number of blog entries so you can see how efficient and fun it is to work with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. And the results, beautiful! Check back in!

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