Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Custom Job Completed -- Shop Construction

Forgot to post the finished custom table. Client wanted to add maps of countries these places are in, so did. Not sure I would do that, but the customer is always right!

A new acquaintance that cleans out abandoned property brought this great workbench to me yesterday for the new shop-studio! How cool is this? It will need a little chalk paint though!

And here is the new shop in process of being finished. They had to take out about a half dozen plumbing locations from a dentist office that had been there before.

That alcove at right back will hold the workbench, double sink and packing materials/supplies. The studio and classroom area will stretch diagonally from that doorway which is also at an angle. The bathroom and heating room are that area with the uprights...

This area is to the left of the previous photo and will house the Tattered Finds -- where clients can pick a piece to refinish if they would like. This is also my stash of projects not yet completed -- a Pickers Paradise.

This area is directly in front of the previous photo to the east...Non-working door...Showroom area...

This is the entry and front windows -- showroom area. It also the area I was standing in to take the first photo of the work area...Long ways to go!


  1. Looks like it needs a lot of renovation. The grounds need some repair.

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  2. how fun! lots of work, yes, but it will be worth it.

  3. Very cute coffee table! Congrats on your progress with new studio!