Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Giving Away 2 Spots at Annie's Chicago Workshop!

I feel just like Oprah or Ellen! I have two spots to give away at Annie's workshop in Oak Brook, Il on Saturday March 24! BUT, you are going to have to work for it! LOL...Two lucky winners will be drawn!

This is a drawing for two free registrations only good for the Oak Brook workshop. They are not transferrable. So please only enter if you can make it to the March 24 all day event! No purchase necessary to enter my contest. You will be responsible for your transportation and lodging if you win. This is good for the workshop registration cost itself!

The contest is: Help name Janet's new shop and workshop!

I'm thinking TLC Vintage Collection is a bit boring of a name when there are all those cute names out there like The Rusty Pig, Vintage 35, JB Knacker's, Little Prairie Girl, The Rusty Pumpkin, Simply Iowa, Porch Light, Feathered Nest and on and on! But I've been thinking about it toooooo long. You  help with your cutest idea for a shop in this cute building that sells a variety of antiques, vintage, repurposed furniture and decor along with a little bling and garden goodies! Remember it will also be a working atelier where people will see me working at furniture most any day they drop in! Come up with your best.  Then follow these rules!

Here's what you do to get one chance, and one chance only, in the drawing. Between now and March 2, do the following:

1) Either comment here, or on my Facebook page called TLC Vintage Collection or email me at Send me your one best shop name idea! (Lavender & Lace, Vintage Twist, Whatever you can think up. Your suggestion earns you a place in my drawing!

2) Make sure to include your name and contact info. Your shop name might not be the winning name in the end for the shop but two of you who enter the drawing will be the lucky winners of spots at the workshop!  

That's pretty easy, isn't it? So put on your thinking caps and start naming my shop! And while you are at it, have a girlfriend or two or a guy for that matter start following me on FB or here! I need more fans! They too can enter for those spots at the workshop!


  1. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I updated the post with your comment and a link back here. I'd totally enter into this giveaway, but I live in California *boo*

    1. Thanks Maria! I will be following your blog!

  2. I would love a chance to go to the workshop! I have been reading up on Annies chalk paint and I want to get my fingers all messy with paint. My name suggestion is Vintage Wanderings. To contact me send me a message on my Blog.


  3. I just stumbled onto your blog and website today via the Annie Sloan website... I am due for a road trip to your shop! I would really like to see it in person...I know I am too late for the giveaway, but but here is an idea for shop name anyway.... Vintage Redesign

  4. Hi Sarah -- where are you from? My shop opens April 1 but will not be totally designed. But I have got to get all this stuff out of my house! So will be open for business but still designing the place. Stop by, there will be lots to see. If you wear work clothes, you will be put to work -- LOL...Classes start in May if you are interested. Thanks for the name suggestion! Appreciate it. There is still time to sign up for Annie's workshop and, alas pay for it yourself!