Thursday, May 24, 2012

So much happening, so little time!

Been so busy, never posted a photo of our sign! Here it is at night! Cool, huh?

And by day! Usually we have a lot more outside, but held back today with all the wind and then the downpour! My foresight was good for a change!

Finding it a little hard to keep up with demand! All my major works have been sold! The entire Queen Bedroom set! The Toile dresser! Lots and lots of "rough" furniture. I am busy working on a crackle example on a coffee table that was my Mom's and waiting on the stencil to arrive to apply. Scored some cool things today and several sold same day -- yes! Working also on two custom pieces, including:

a pair of chairs for 1 year old girl-boy twins and table! The top will be a chalk board! I have the first piece of garden art underway in a long time. A '40s floor lamp topped with a hanging plant planter (minus the chain) and whitewashed. It will be planted in a coconut mat with lots of colorful flowers and trailing plants....Think it is already sold!

Meanwhile, looking forward to the June 16 and 23 classes. Chalk Paint(TM) 101 was sold out in May and looks to be in June too! Half full today...Get signed up soon!

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  1. Congrats on all the success!! Now, get painting.