Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sold! Sold! Sold!

TLC Vintage is running out of painted furniture and will need to get painting!




I have been AWOL here due to the death of my Mother, and have been very busy with family things plus the new shop which was written up last week in the Des Moines Register. With 3 big pieces being sold, and lots of small items -- I am working on replenishing the shop.

We also have our first Chalk Paint(TM) 101 class this Saturday! Am excited about that and everything to get ready for it....Check out on the website three classes for June!

June 6 -- Girls Night Out! Pinot and Paint! Do a small item in class like a frame or lamp!

June 16 -- Washed Up, Cracked Up and Shined Up! More advanced techniques: wash, crackle and gilding!

June 23 -- Repeat Chalk Paint(TM) 101


  1. I just love your work. I wish I lived close enough to take some of your classes. What type of technique did you use on these dressers?